Redefining X: A New and Superb iPhone Xs

In a hectic and busy world where people are always seems to be in a rush, Apple uses it as an inspiration to innovate and create new ideas that people will surely enjoy. Few weeks ago, Steve Jobs theater has gone wild again. For what? Because of what? Well, it’s all because of Apple’s Special Event […]

macOS Mojave Simply Powerful

For Mac users out there, I know you all agree with me that doing paper works and school projects are more convenient and easier with the use of your Macs. You can easily control things, transfer file and preview your documents. And as a new update is released, we always make sure to update our […]

iOS 12 More Power To You

Apple designed an iOS to let you enjoy your iPads and of course your iPhones more, making it faster, more responsive and more delightful. Enjoy the newest development on Apple Technology as they offer you exciting features and improvements to be world’s most advanced mobile operating system.  We’ll have a sneak preview on iOS 12’s […]

WWDC Update: Sizzling Hot Updates Fresh From The Conference

The day is here. Well, I guess most of you have already marked their calendar and have tuned in to the conference’s live streaming, waiting for the latest updates that Apple company will release and probably waiting for the most awaited preview of the newest iOS for your phones, Mac, Watches and TV. And yes, […]

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2018: Unveiling Of The Latest Surprise

It’s the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s the time of the year where Apple engineers offer designed focus sessions and help build next generation of apps using the latest and newly announce Apple Technologies. And in connection with the WWDC 2018, rumors have been spreading that Apple is set to unveil the latest improvement on […]

HomePod: The New Sound Of Home

Music is always part of our lives. Our homes are often equipped with stereos and speakers which can easily be connected to our mobile phones, allowing us to listen to our favorite songs at the loudest possible volume and enjoying the sound effects as we watch our favorite action or horror film. Well, are you […]

Phone’s Broken: Should I Have It Repaired Or Just Buy A New One?

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads. These are just few devices whom not only me but I guess most of us find useful not just with work but at home.  One of the most handy device that we have and which we use to communicate, send and receive messages and even emails, research about the current events […]

How Is Iphone X After a Month?

Everyone gone crazy about iPhone X release. So how is it now? Its such a risk they said for iPhone to remove the home button which has been there but let’s admit it, they were successful in doing it. iPhone X is the enhanced version of iPhone 8, the TrueDepth camera and 0LED makes it […]

iPhone X Pros and Cons

If you’re a fan of Apple, you might want to check the following Pros and Cons that we’ve researched:     iPhone X Advantages (or Pros) Retro all-glass body is one of the main iPhone X pros users will favor. Face ID Facial Recognition as an alternative to Touch ID. iPhone X advantages over other […]

iPhone 8 And 8 Plus Price, Features And Release Date

“As always the greater battery life, sharper display and dual cameras of the iPhone 8 Plus make it the model to get if you can afford the extra outlay – but the iPhone 8 is easily going to be the most accomplished small form factor phone of the year.” – Kelly Gordon of Forbes Apple […]