You’d better start saving if you want that iPhone X on the launch day!


It is Apple’s 10th Anniversary and they launched iPhone X (that’s pronounced “ten,” not “ex”), as well as the step-down iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, at the newly unveiled Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino California. (The event took place on Tuesday morning in California or very early in Australia’s Wednesday morning.) How much does the iPhone X costs? It costs $A1829 for the 256GB or even $A1579 for the 64GB device. Bam! The most expensive of the lineup differs from other models.

Pre-orders start on Oct. 27 and the device goes on sale on Nov. 3.

The device has a 5.8 edge-to-edge screen with glass on the front and back and a surgical-grade stainless steel band around the sides — the company claims it’s the most durable device to date. It comes with Super Retina Display for stunning colours. They’ve included the sophisticated technology that is very new to iPhone which is the Face ID Scanning technology enabled by the TrueDepth camera projects 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto your face to map it. Apple also claims FaceID will adapt to your changing face over time if you do things like add glasses. But again this cannot be confirmed until months of use.


You have an option if you don’t want to use facial recognition or if it stops working as promised. With the iPhone X, your only option is to use the passcode feature as the physical home button/fingerprint scanner has been removed for the larger screen as said.


Another feature, they made it water and dust resistant!


The iPhone X ‘s stated battery life has improved—Apple says it lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7—and so has its charger. After years of observing the Android ecosystem’s messy and multi-standard embrace of wireless charging, Apple’s finally in the game. You won’t have to plug your X into the wall to charge it; you’ll just lay it down on the inductive pad. Apple is adopting the Qi standard. Apple is also releasing its own charging accessory called AirPower that has room for your iPhone and your Apple Watch.


In regards to the camera, they made it larger and faster 12MP sensor, Front-facing 7-megapixel camera, a new colour filter, deeper pixels, and a new telephoto camera with OIS.


The company is positioning the gadget as the biggest change since the first iPhone. This is one of the hottest trends in tech today.


What do you think, is it worth the price? Let us know your comments about this gadget!





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