Apple unveils its new iOS15 on WWDC21 kick-off proceeding June 7, 2021.

Apple introduced new features for iPad OS 15, Mac OS Monterey, Air Pods Pro. Let’s talk about the latest technology uncovered during the kick-off of APPLE WWDC21.


You can now generate a link for facetime call and share it anywhere. Regardless if your friends or family is using an iPhone, Android or Windows devices. They can use the facetime links to join the call from their browser. This is still worry-free as it still has end-to-end encryption so your privacy will never be compromised.


When you’re in a call, you just need to press play in apple music and choose to shareplay, this will bring the album right in the conversation. You can even choose to listen together. The high quality music playback is in sync for everyone on the call while everyone is still connected to facetime and listening.

You can also do the same to a streaming app while on the call. This will allow you and your friends to watch all together in real-time. In addition, shareplay is designed to work with other apps & streaming services like Apple’s new partners: Disney plus, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, NBA App and many more!


Helps you by pointing your camera to your notes and generate these into texts. Simply click the indicator at the lower right, then use your normal text selection gestures and drag then copy. You can switch over to mail or anywhere then paste the text selection then send it off to whoever needs the notes. It understands 7 languages: English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. And works across iPhone, iPad & Mac


Apple Wallet is set out to replace our traditional, physical wallet. With iOS 15, Apple is bringing keys in your everyday places to your wallet. This will is the fastest, securest way to unlocking your house, flat. You can even use this in your office by adding your corporate badge.

To make sure of everyone’s safety, Apple is doing a thorough identity check to use this feature. Starting this fall, users can have their driver’s license or state ID scanned in participating US states. Once verified, your ID information is now in your wallet, encrypted and safely stored in a secure element. It is the same hardware technology used to keep Apple Pay secure and private.

Apple Maps

Things like elevation, updated road labels, as well as a hundred custom-designed landmarks and built a new nighttime mode with a moonlit glow was added in the new update. The Apple Map now renders overlapping complex interchanges in 3-dimensional space, making it much easier to identify traffic conditions. And will be giving the driving experience in car play later this year.

MacOS Monterey

Gives you the power to accomplish more. Helps you work efficiently using all your devices. The features that were mentioned above will connect and play greatly with Mac devices.


works with more than 2 Apple devices. You can use your trackpad in your MacBook while controlling your iMac and iPad as well. You can drag images across on all 3 devices simply by placing all the device side by side and drop them into the final cut.


Apple has reimagined the browsing experience and redesigned Safari. Tabs now are more compact and lightweight. They also added Tab groups, that will allow you to easily save and manage your tabs without clattering your tab bar, making it more space-efficient than ever.


The conversation boost is added in the airpods pro. It is designed for people with mild hearing challenges to experience optimal conversations. Through this new technology, the air pods pro will capture and focuses on the person talking in front of you making it easier to hear and follow along with the conversation. With iOS 15 you can now locate your Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Max via find my App. AirPods will send out Bluetooth beacon that is easily detected by Apple devices.

iPadOS 15

Apple made lots of big updates on the iPadOS 15 to make it more capable, versatile and intuitive.

The widgets were redesigned and can now be added among the apps on your home screen. Bigger canvas means more room for widgets and Apple has added a larger format for widgets which is specifically designed for the iPad’s larger display. All apps will be categorized automatically on the new app library. You can hide, reorder unused or less frequently used pages.

Another major change in iPadOS is its multitasking capability. A new control was added and can be found at the top of the apps. Tapping on it reveals a multitasking menu. From there you can either use an app full-screen or work on two apps at the same time by creating a Split view and Slide over. This makes it easier to toggle from one app to another.

If you want to use an app at a later time, you can minimize the app and add it to the shelf. The shelf is easy to access all open windows of an app. These multitasking features allows user to be more productive and do even more on their iPad.

One more feature added on iOS15 is Notes. This is a powerful tool that helps you collaborate, organize and capture information anywhere.

In addition, swift playground is also included on the update. This allows users the ability to code and build apps on their iPad. The swift UI will help new users develop their own app and users can also submit completed apps on the Apple Store.

Apple absolutely made an impact on the WWDC21 kick-off. We definitely can’t wait for the set of events that will be featured in the next days.

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