The day is here. Well, I guess most of you have already marked their calendar and have tuned in to the conference’s live streaming, waiting for the latest updates that Apple company will release and probably waiting for the most awaited preview of the newest iOS for your phones, Mac, Watches and TV. And yes, it’s worth the wait. In the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2018, Apple started it with a BIG bang. Not just ONE but FOUR big surprises. FOUR OS Updates in ONE Day. Be ready. These OS updates will surely make you love Apple more.

Update your phone to iOS 12 and enjoy the newest feature of FaceTime, allowing you to FaceTime up to 32 people including you, a new and improved Augmented Reality that you can share with your friends and other peers and lastly, with the help of iOS 12, be more aware with how your kids use apps. Turn on your Macs and see the difference as the other updates is for the macOS. Are you tired working and facing in your laptop and it’s in a light mode background? Worry no more, with the latest macOS Mojave, you can surely stay focused  while working on a Dark Mode, edit and share files without actually opening them and lastly, enjoy and explore the redesigned Mac App Store. Thought that’s all? Nope, ‘coz we have two more updates. And the next is for your Apple Watch, presenting the watchOS 5. What are the latest features with this update? With the latest update, it’s not just a simple watch. You can now use it as a Walkie-Talkie and connect with your friends, challenge your friends to an activity competition and lastly, the track brand has new workouts and this includes one of your favorites, YOGA. And now, we’re down to the last update. And this is for your tv. The updates for your tvOS. Nothing’s more exciting than tuning in LIVE to news and watching your favorite sports and watch movies and your favorite TV programs on 4K (HDR) High Dynamic Range. And last but not the least, satisfy your ears while watching by immersing yourself in Dolby Atmos 3D Sound.


Are you getting more and more excited to know each and every details of these updates? Well, I feel the same way. Keep posted!!! The next post will be focusing on iOS update, it’s new features and the things that you’ll surely love.

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