“Every cheap phone repair will not help you save money, it pushes you to waste more money.”

Was there ever a time wherein you were so much in a rush and accidentally spill a hot of coffee on your phone? Or maybe having so much fun and dived into the pool and forgot that you were holding your phone? And due to carelessness, you accidentally hit your phone to the sharp edge of the table and  causes its screen to break? Well, these are one of the things that causes our phones to malfunction and the worst thing about it is these damages are not often included in our phone’s warranty service and most of the time we experience these things once our warranty is already expired. And admit it or not, most of us would look for several repair shops and asks for their price and some of us would resort to those  shops which is more affordable and offers the lowest possible repair in town. But, the question is, are they reliable? Or cheap prices is equivalent to low quality repairs? Well,we might save money but, we might put our devices into greater dangers.



Wondering what are the dangers that comes along some cheap phone repairs? To start off, there is a high risk of experiencing the same problem again. Why? Most of the time cheap  phone repair shops uses cheap and low quality parts which are not reliable. Thus, once they fix your devices and change its parts, they will use substandard parts which will be the cause to decrease and weaken your phone’s performance. In return, you need to go back or even look for another repairman who can solve the issue which needs you to spend another penny. You don’t actually save but you need to spend more compared with having your phones repaired by a reliable repairman at a higher cost. Next danger that one might encounter is  low quality repair. Because low cost repair shops can easily attract customers, there are a lot of customers waiting for their devices to be repaired and with a limited time, these repairmen want to get as much  customers and payment as possible. So what they usually do it to fix a device and usually forget to check the quality of their repairs.  Such as when you have your phone screen replaced.  Yes, the screen was replaced but it was not fully intact and has some pigments and which often lead to irritating glitches.

And demanding them to fix your phone again will take several days since they prioritize those new clients.


Of all the dangers and disadvantages caused by cheap repairs, are you still willing to take the risk? Will you still choose cheap repairs over the trusted repair shops? Yes, they may have higher prices but they will always return your devices without any glitches and uses high quality parts for you to enjoy your phones as if it’s brand new. And at iPhone Repairman, we use the best parts possible to give satisfaction to our clients. We thoroughly inspect your phones and carefully analyze the defects before disassembling and changing its parts. Technicians of iPhone Repairman are well trained and will never give you phones and devices back without inspecting and making sure that it’s glitch free and will let you enjoy your devices without worrying of having it repaired again after several days.  And since iPhone Repairman is a genuine iFixit Pro Certified,  clients can guarantee 100% that their devices are in good hands. So, why settle for those cheap repair shops if you can have reliable shops like iPhone Repairman to have your problems solved? With iPhone repairman,  every money is worth a good repair.






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