For Mac users out there, I know you all agree with me that doing paper works and school projects are more convenient and easier with the use of your Macs. You can easily control things, transfer file and preview your documents. And as a new update is released, we always make sure to update our macOS and enjoy the new improvements and features. There are already several macOS updates but none of them actually address to our wish to have a Dark Mode which is perfect when we’re working at night and maybe it’s one of the most awaited surprise that you wish to hear in this years WWDC. Well, you’re not mistaken. Apple grant your wish for your Mac. A Dark Mode to put your best work forward. Apple presents macOS Mojave. Let’s see what macOS Mojave has to offer.

With macOS Mojave, you can now choose which mode suits you. The light appearance? Or do you prefer to have the Dark Mode while working? Just switch your Mac from light appearance to Dark Mode in your System Preference, and create a beautiful distraction free working environment. And this also works well with built-in apps as well as third-party apps that you use in you Mac. But, that’s not it, macOS Mojave has a dynamic desktop that we will surely enjoy. Have the chance to customize your work environment with a time-shifting desktop picture. What’s cool with this is, it can change to match the time of the day, anywhere you are.



A neat way to organize your files? Stack is here to save you. Get away with messy and cluttered desktop. Make your Mac desktop neat. Group your files into images, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and make them sort themselves. You can also arrange your files by dates and once you tag files with specific metadata, sorting it by Stacks is a powerful way for you to do multiple jobs at once.

New ways to Find, More ways to do. A newly improved and enhanced Finder. Quickly locate files by how it looks and perform go-to actions without even opening an app. Another powerful feature for your Macs. With the Gallery view, you can now enjoy scrolling big previews of your files and immediately identify the one that you are looking for. And with the Quick Actions added in the Preview Pane, you can now work with your files in the Finder. Rotate an image, password-protect documents, crop and trim videos, all of these can be done without opening an app. And guess what? Working on several and multiple files all at the same time  is made possible with macOS Mojave.



Screenshots. Screenshots are now just a snap. All the controls that you need to take a screenshot is now just one shortcut away. The menu now includes screen-recording tools and options like the timer, showing the cursor, and customising the folder where you would like to have your screenshots saved. Take a screenshot and a thumbnail of this image will animate in the corner of the screen. Share the image with friends, workmates and peers without having to save a copy. It’s easier and helps you have a messy free desktop.

Use your iPhone to take pictures of nearby objects or scan a document and have it appear automatically in your Mac. This is made possible through the Continuity Camera. Just choose Insert a Photo from the Edit menu or scan a receipt and see it immediately in the Finder, saved as a PDF file. Continuity Camera works in Mail, Notes, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and many more. Another perfect reason why iPhone and Mac really clicks.



And of course, we are all excited for the New Apps that comes along with the latest macOS Mojave. There will be FOUR apps that people love love on iOS devices which will now be made available on your Mac device. Read news, Follow your Stocks, Record a Lecture and turn down your AC. All of this can be done without even the need of leaving your desktop behind.

To end with, the improved Mac App Store and the Privacy and Security. Redesigned App Store comes up with an exciting content, allowing you to search stories and collections and even watch movies. With its enhancements, it helps you to find and search an app perfect for you. A redesigned and a more organized app for you. And for your Mac’s safety and security, macOS Mojave assures to keep control of your data and prevent trackers from messing up your way.

I can’t wait to have my Mac updated!!! And I bet, you also feel the same way. The latest macOS Mojave doesn’t only improves the quality of its display but also brings convenience to the users. A WOW to a powerful macOS Mojave.


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