Battle Between Consumer Product Company and Advertising Company

In the world of mobile phones, iOS and Android are two of the most popular operating systems. iOS for the famous Apple devices, and Android operating system for other well known mobile phone brands like Samsung

About consumer company

Marketing using consumer behavior insight is how Apple succeeds. Even though Steve Jobs and Apple, did not use consumer research in the initial development of most products, consumer behavior plays a huge role in their marketing and ultimately the success of the company.  Once a consumer purchases a product or downloads iTunes Apple has access to data the company leverages. Apple uses this information to gain significant insight into the consumer and what drives purchase behavior.

Apple and Consumer Behavior Marketing

Apple’s hardware devices are supported by the iTunes software. Hardware devices are purchased through online and offline retailers, and a limited number of retailers providing a tight vertically-integrated ecosystem. Using its integrated channels including online, retailer point of sale, and iTunes, Apple captures detailed information about consumer behavior.

A detailed understanding of Apple’s customers allowed the company to analyze consumer behavior more effectively. Apple uses this insight to tailor products and brand messages that resonate with the target audience making products that work better and are simple to use. /

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