It’s the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s the time of the year where Apple engineers offer designed focus sessions and help build next generation of apps using the latest and newly announce Apple Technologies. And in connection with the WWDC 2018, rumors have been spreading that Apple is set to unveil the latest improvement on its operating system. People speculates that during the conference, Apple will take the stage by showing and giving people a preview of its latest iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS operating system. Well, let’s take a look on its latest features and let’s hear what other developers say about apple’s latest offering.



A report from Axios revealed that the latest iOS will not just focus on the display and appearance but will focus on reliability and performance.  

According to macrumors, the iOS 12 will be an update that focuses heavily on bug fixes and refinements because Apple aims to address the performance and quality issues. And as for Bloomberg,  Apple originally plans to introduce a refreshed Home Screen and a redesigned app grid, a revamped CarPlay Interface, improvements on mail, picture-taking, photo editing and photo sharing. But these updates will be delayed until 2019 to to make iphones “more responsive and less prone to cause customer support issues.” Aside from improving and redesigning the app, there will be some new features which includes the improvements on augmented reality and the digital health along with the improvements on FaceTime. iOS 12 is said to include new NFC features which enables the iPhone to be a more secure hotel key.  Well, it will not only be used for room access! It is also rumored that Apple plans to replace transit cards with the iPhone NFC technology. In UK, people can already travel on the Underground just by simply tapping their devices on contactless terminals. A more convenient travel and a safe hotel room stay for people.


These updates are becoming the talk of the town for several days. People are discussing the possible updates on the Apple devices. But well, even though they will give us  a preview of what iOS looks like, we still need to wait for 2019 to enjoy these updates. Let’s keep updated during this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.


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