Nowadays, technology has always been a big part of a person’s life, no matter how young or old he or she is. However, allowing children to use gadgets and technology at a very young age may have big effects on their development and progress. Because they can freely access the internet, they sometimes watch videos which are not suitable for their age causing them to misbehave and act differently. And this is something that most parents have to deal with.  Well, thanks to Alexa of Amazon, a child friendly digital assistant perfect for kids.



Wondering about the features that Alexa from Amazon has? With the integration of FreeTime, another name for Amazon’s parental controls, Alexa is designed to be more child friendly and safer for children. With FreeTime, parents can easily set limits on Alexa use, disable some  features such as voice shop, listening to news and at the same time, adjust and change the voice assistant’s personality, making it more suitable for kids. Once this feature is enabled, children can now safely interact with Alexa while giving friendly responses to each and every questions that the child asks. Once Alexa is already set for example for kids from 5-10 years old, Alexa will assume that everyone speaking to her is a child and will respond in a way that children can easily understand. Alexa does not only give friendly answers but also gives your kids lesson in politeness and manners.  Aside from this, explicit music lyrics will also be censored. Thus, when you leave your kids at home, rest assured that they have a safe internet use and access.

As children become more hooked with the technology. It is expected that children will learn from what they see or what they hear from the gadgets and devices that they use. Some would have negative impact on child’s development but also, these Intelligent Assistants can also be beneficial for children which most parents will be thankful for. With the help of Alexa, teaching children good manners is made easy.


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